Progress in my projects…

I hibernated over winter, not doing much around the house, but as the weather’s picked up (and with the imminent visit of my mum and dad for the first time), I’ve started to push my projects forward.

I bought a 5m reel of 5050 RGB LEDs, which are destined for under-cupboard lighting in the kitchen, in order to improve this, I’ve been experimenting with Jeenodes, and specifically an LED Node v2a, to drive the strips of LED lighting.

These are basically mini 3v arduinos with built-in radio transceivers, which makes communication between them easy enough, you can send in-memory structures fairly trivially with the RF12 library.

And, there’s a great ledNode sketch that drives the LED node.

I’ve hooked it up to a PIR sensor, and that controls the lighting (the colour of the lighting is controlled separately) via a ZMQ connected service.

I’ve got 5 Jeenodes running (and the kits for a couple more) and two Raspberry Pis providing the horsepower, along with some other bits and pieces.

I’ve also implemented calendar event broadcasting (coming from Google calendars), this was fun to do, and it essentially pulls calendar events for a list of calendars, and emits start/end of those events, services can be written to listen for those events and respond.

Current task is building a ZMQ service that talks to my node-rfxtrx library, which will then be connected to the front-end I’m building, and at that point, I’ll be happy for now :-)

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    • Will see what I can do, hoping to put the LEDs into place this weekend (if the extensions arrive in time) :-)

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